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Tony and Leslie Congrove, Owners

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Educational Solutions at Your Fingertips! 

In 1975, the doors of schools were opened to allow all students to enter. 

However the goals and challenges of individualized, meaningful education has proved difficult for

parents and educators alike to achieve.

We believe it wasn’t enough to just open the doors for

every child to be let in. 

We are committed to widening the doors of

opportunity and knowledge for all children.  

Through Widening the Doors (WTD), we have brought experts in law, education, and psychology to help families, schools, and community organizations leverage their expertise and work together to support struggling children and to help solve educational issues. We provide: custom-created educational planners - one for parents to measure their child's progress and/or one for youths to help them advocate for their needs in school; self-paced step-by-step videos and guides for tips, solutions, and collaboration on important educational topics; professionally drafted forms to begin conversations to get a child needed educational support in school and at home; a monthly town hall with our experts; FAQs; and individual advocacy services to our clients based on their unique needs.  We believe by helping everyone share their experience and perspectives and communicating these effectively we can truly help children succeed and feel successful in school and in life.  



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Our Story

We are a husband-and-wife duo whose passion and mission are to help children succeed in school/life and to help schools, parents, children, and the community work together in those efforts. We are the proud parents of 4 children; all with different learning styles and strengths and all who are following an education path that works for them uniquely.  Some of our children: struggle in school and have IEPs/504s; have school-related anxiety; are enrolled in public school, charter school, and alternative educational options; and are involved in gifted education programs.   Tony Congrove ran a public speaking school and left decades of experience in the private sector as a business owner and a business consultant to open Widening the Doors and to bring his expertise and excellence in finance, marketing, sales, and customer care to our clients.  Dr. Leslie Strasser Congrove has spent 25+ years in the field of education. She is a former teacher, is university adjunct faculty in schools of education, sits on many local and state educational advisory boards, and is the hired consultant for county and community agencies where she provides expertise in educational psychology, special education, and education law (click here for more specific information about Dr. Congrove's educational background pertaining to this work).  When we aren't working, we are spending time with our children, enjoying the family friendly fun that Las Vegas offers, and being as close to bodies of water as possible! We created Widening the Doors to help educators, families, and organizations collaborate for children's educational and life success.  We dreamed of using our expertise to help more people collaborate and work together for children and of creating this website for all who we support.  This was a labor of love for us both and took years to create.  We are excited to work with you and bring you! 


Contact us with any questions.  We're here to help! 

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