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Facing Challenges Every Day With Confidence

With all of the challenges you face - budgeting, staffing, reviewing teachers in each individual classroom (NEPF), maintenance, overseeing programs and so much more

- we know have alot of your plate.   

Our mission is to not make your job harder or bigger.

We are here to provide easy to use resources for you and your staff so that
support can be provided effectively and efficiently in your school,

helping to solve the issues of "more work, same pay."

Inscription school principal written on yellow cubes. Colorful pencils and felt pens on co

We Appreciate You!

We have collaborated with Educational Experts and School Staff to gain a wealth of information with the goal of simplifying a process that has often been difficult and misunderstood.    As such, we have provided the trainings below to help you understand your responsibilities regarding supporting struggling students and students with disabilities and help provide that support efficiently and effectively. 


  • ​By the Numbers: The Impact of Special Education on Schools and Society (You are making a difference!)

  • Understanding Disability, Its Legal Meaning, and how it can Positively Affects Schools and Students Alike 

  • Special Education Law 

  • When to Report a Struggling Child to Your Special Education Staff for Support 

  • 504s and IEPs Demystified

  • Understanding Your Role in IEPs/504s and How to Help Your Staff Support Children with Them 

  • How to Get Support from Your Special Education Staff When the IEP/504 Isn't Working or a Child Needs More Support in School 

  • Parents' Roles and Rights in 504s/IEPs 

  • How to Effectively Administer Special Education Services 

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