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Special Education Teachers/Case Managers

Some see the Disabilies

Special Education Teachers see the Possibilities

Group of special students in classroom, a down syndrome girl, two handicapped boys and cut

At Widening the Doors, we recognize that your job is the one of the most complex and critical in helping children with disabilities. 

In a few words you are the key factor in their education!

We want you to know you are not alone in your mission. 

We are here to help with training on the subjects listed below as well as webinars where you can share your concerns and questions and get answers from those with decades of experience and are specialists in Educational Law, Psychology and Special Education. 

We look forward to working together to help you and your students.


  • By the Numbers: The Impact of Special Education on Schools and Society 
    (You are making a difference!)

  • Trapped between the LEA and the Parents

  • Helping General Education Teachers to Support Children with Disabilities in the Classroom 

  • Collaborating with Parents and Administrators to Create the Most Effective Education Plans for Students with Disabilities

  • Understanding Disability, Its Legal Meaning, and how it can Positively Affects Schools and Students Alike 

  • Special Education Law 

  • Writing Effective and Collaborative IEPs 

  • Helping School Staff Understand Response to Intervention and the IEP/504 Evaluation Process and Their Roles in the Process  


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